Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas is when......My Status is??????

Hey yall, I have finished the caplet. I only have to add a few beads to the side. 'Tis sad, but true, I have abandoned the gloves. I may pick them up after the holidays, we'll see.

I am still sewing madly and making progress. I have sewn enuff stuff to qualify for official sweat shop status, and no end in sight. I still need to do doll clothes for The Girls (my baby, my 2 neices, yes capitalized, to those who have been taken hostage, exposed to children, do I need to explain?) and boxers and 2 shirts for my nephew. I also need to do jeans, a purse, a skirt, and dress capris for my sister. Did I mention that I obviously operate outside the realm of reality just recently learned to sew?

It's the holidays so why not drive myself completely nuts and bake too??? Sounds rational right?? Why not make gingerbread, sugar, santa's whiskers, and sour cream citrus cookie dough, and pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry custard, strawberry custard, banana cream, and german choclate pie all at the same time!!!!!

There are some really cute things in the new Knitty. I have cast on for Tempting, in my favorite shade, purple of course, a shade that oh so perfectly matches my purple suede sandals, and whenever I go away to my happy place , get a minute, I work on it. It's easy mindless work, but the needles are small and the stitches plentiful. Pics coming soon I promise. Kisses!!!


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