Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Holidays

Hey yall, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, we certainly are. I am truly blessed to have such great family and friends. I managed to get all of the kids pjs done, and everything for my sis except the pants. I baked all the holiday goodies plus some. I could not possibly disappoint the children. My daughter and my nieces look forward to our holiday baking sessions. A great time was had by all as we shared good food,great company, and the spirit of the season.

The Girls loved their pjs, and the My Little Pony robe was a big hit. Another fav are the Lady and the Tramp pj set, too adorable for words. I currently have a sweet little dress for my daughter with matching sunsuit for her new Cabbage Patch doll, courtesy of her auntie, both out of the most darling Peter Rabbit fabric on the sewing table. It's so great to work with no pressure!!! OOh,...I'm giddy!

I also got around to fixing up the place a bit, more improvements coming soon. A great big ol' thank you to In a Mood Designs for my pretty pink explosions. Photos will be the next thing I concentrate on after all the merriment is done.

I have not really had much time to work on Tempting but I have made a little progress. No where near done yet, hope to finish some time before Feb., but knowing my
attention span schedule, that's aiming a bit high. Kisses!!!!